Recreating your Food Memories

Michael Battino

Personal Chef


Life can sometimes get to0 hectic to the point where you forget what you're putting into your bodies. Shopping prepping cooking cleaning working taking care of your family. Sometimes you just need another one of you to make it through the day!

Wouldn't it be nice to come home to freshly prepared and portioned meals, ready to heat up when you're ready to eat up?

Or maybe you want to entertain family and friends with a gourmet meal prepared by your own Private Chef?

From weekly food prep, catered to your special needs, to intimate dinners for that special someone. Let My Little Eden and Chef Michael do the work that you don't have the time for.  

 CREATING new food memories  

rekindling old ones together





Born and raised in NY. I recognized my love of food at an early age. Coming home from school to the aromatics of my Mom's kitchen, I soon developed a desire to recreate them. As a self taught Chef, I use my memories as my palette. Recreating all the flavors from my childhood. Not only from my Mom's Kitchen, but also from my travels around the World.

Food memories are one of the strongest memories that we....well....remember! They can transport you back to either your childhood or a vacation you once took.. 

And that's what I do here with My Little Eden Private Chef! 

Using only the finest freshest ingredients. Optimizing seasonal fruits and vegetables. Bringing to you not only a meal, but an experience!

You should never "just" settle for what you put in your body.  



Food made from the heart is food for the soul